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Recordings - signing in, 2:29 AM, EST

Greetings friends and folks,

Been a little while since I provided an update, so I thought I'd post what's happening.

I am extremely excited to announce that after several months of hard work, and some very full studio days, my debut EP, Glass Demons is complete!  I am blown away with the skills of lead engin...



Date & Info Venue Location Share
2017-01-19ChainsawWaterloo, Ontario, Canada
2017-01-21The Ridge Social EateryAyr, Ontario, Canada
2017-02-04Abe ErbWaterloo, Ontario, Canada
2017-02-11PRIVATEToronto, Ontario, Canada
2017-02-16Folk Music International (16 - 18, with Alysha Brilla)Kansas City, Missouri, United States
2017-02-24Stratford Revival House (with Alysha Brilla)Stratford, Ontario, Canada
2017-03-02Evergreen Cultural Centre (with Alysha Brilla)Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
2017-03-03The Arts Centre (with Alysha Brilla)Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
2017-03-22Sammy Duke Glass Demons EP Release in Kitchener (details coming soon)Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
2017-03-23Sammy Duke Glass Demons EP Release @ Free Times Cafe (details coming soon)Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2017-03-24Sammy Duke Glass Demons EP Release at Dstrct (details coming soon)Guelph, Ontario, Canada

More Shows Coming Soon...



Known for his “amazing and diversified talent” (Velvet Rope Magazine) and his “indomitable stage presence” (The Ontarion), young multi-instrumentalist Samuel “Sammy Duke” Dlugokecki has built a strong reputation as a reliable session performer in the Southern Ontario* music scene.  He has had the opportunity to perform nationwide across a multitude of venues, has been a session player on two Juno-nominated records, and has worked alongside an incredibly wide array of musicians of varying styles.

Inspired by the multi-instrument approach of his musical peer and mentor, Arun Pal, Sammy Duke began experimenting with his original compositions as a "one-man-band" configuration in 2013.  He has since expanded his rig to include a number of percussion instruments, and Moog Taurus bass synthesizer pedals, all accompanying his voice and guitar.

“His lyrically thoughtful world-folk-rock fusion sound…similar to the soft voiced spiritual richness of Craig Cardiff and Bruce Cockburn, melded with the breathy vocals of late father-son songsmiths Tim and Jeff Buckley” (Coral Andrews), combined with this setup, has greatly intrigued audiences Canada-wide.  Currently, he is finishing his debut EP of original music, to be released at the top of 2017, and has recently started uploading videos to his YouTube channel of one-man-band material.


*Sammy Duke works as a music instructor out of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, and can be contacted for music lessons.



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